Our firm is unique in that we provide a full range of services covering the initial investigations; witness location, interview and preparation; crime scene investigation and documentation; client assessment and referrals for alternative programs; client consultation and evidence review; motion practice and advocacy; trial preparation and litigation; mitigation and sentencing preparation; assistance with probation compliance; motions to reconsider and/or appeals; and, expungements. Our defense team is experienced and dedicated to achieving the best possible results for the clients we assist, whether appointed or retained. There is no difference in designation of files or difference in services provided. We treat every client and family with fairness and respect.


Criminal Defense

If you're looking for a compassionate, fair, and nonjudgmental criminal defense in the Huntsville, Alabama area, you've come to the right place. We will defend your constitutional rights as if they were our own.

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2018 10 Best
Top 100 National Trial Lawyers
2020 10 Best


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Daneen M.

Working with Robin and her paralegal Kristal changed my life! I didn’t think it would turn out the way it did and I’m so very thankful! They worked hard on my behalf day and night for years trying to make sure I had the best options!

Michael S.

Robin and and her staff are awesome . They made my case the number one priority. They made me feel less stressed about my situation. Crystal makes sure to call you back and communicate anytime you call or leave a message . If your looking for great representation this is the place.

Pamela R.

First time ever needing criminal defense services and I than God above he led us to Robin & her team. Open dialogue, commitment to getting facts not opinions. You were always notified by Kristal, her assistant, of progress, along with all updates. Her investigator(s), I will not specify who he(she) is gets evidence needed. Unforgettable experience from start to finish!!!! I will ALWAYS recommend her!!!!

David H.

Robin Wolfe and her team, especially Kristal Jones were tremendous to work with. They helped me with some legal work and kept me informed throughout the process. Robin and Kristal both genuinely seemed to care and I always looked forward to talking to them. I am now using them for another task and highly recommend them.

Tim H.

I couldn't ask for a more attentive, caring, knowledgeable, polite, with a since of humor, sympathetic, and above all terrific at her craft as an attorney. Mrs. Wolfe listened when I told my story and replied explaining her expertise and her willingness to represent me in the court room. When she heard I'd paid for parking upon my first court appearance she was quick to offer parking at her practice...


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