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20+ Years Experience Working For You

I chose to focus on criminal defense because I love a challenge. It has been my passion for 20+ years. If you are in the Huntsville, Alabama area and have been charged with a crime – whether capital murder or simple possession of marijuana – you have constitutional rights that must be defended.
No matter your background or the accusation you face, our office will treat you with respect and fairness. We will explain the legal process and inform you of your options. And, we will diligently work to achieve the best possible result for you as expeditiously as possible. You may not be sure of the type of defense you will need, but you recognize you need legal representation quickly. Call my office at 256-539-4441 to schedule a time to discuss your case. I will provide honest, direct and clear information to explain the charge you are facing and immediate options available, to assist you with developing the best game plan moving forward.
If your case is resolved, but you need help with a motion for post-trial relief, appeal, expungement or probate matter (i.e., will, simple  trust, advance medical directive/living will, power of attorney), we can help. Call my office to schedule a free consultation.

Serving Huntsville, Alabama and the surrounding areas.

I provide criminal defense to those in northern Alabama, including Huntsville, Madison, Athens and Decatur.

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