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Our firm is unique in that we provide a full range of services covering the initial investigations; witness location, interview and preparation; crime scene investigation and documentation; client assessment and referrals for alternative programs; client consultation and evidence review; motion practice and advocacy; trial preparation and litigation; mitigation and sentencing preparation; assistance with probation compliance; motions to reconsider and/or appeals; and, expungements. Our defense team is experienced and dedicated to achieving the best possible results for the clients we assist, whether appointed or retained.  There is no difference in designation of files or difference in services provided.  We treat every client and family with fairness and respect.

Jackie Wolfe


Jackie Wolfe is the sole proprietor of Wolfe Consulting L.L.C.  He is a licensed private investigator providing personal, professional and organizational consulting.  His practice is primarily focused on criminal investigation and trial preparation.  He assists this firm and several other criminal defense attorneys with witness location and interview, crime scene documentation, evidence review and jury selection.

Mr. Wolfe has a background in mental and behavioral health therapy.  He has a Master of Arts Degree in Community Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Alabama.  He also has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. 

Mr. Wolfe has more than 25 years of public service working as the Madison County Director of Alternative Sentencing and Release.  He was instrumental in implementing the Madison County Community Corrections Program, Work Release Program, County Probation and Pre-Trial Release.  

Kristal Jones


Kristal Jones graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a concentration in Forensic Sciences from Jacksonville State University in 2007.  Shortly after graduation, she started her criminal justice career with the Madison County Office of Alternative Sentencing and Release. She spent most of her 10 years serving as both a probation officer and court referral officer before deciding to make a career change.

Mrs. Jones recently completed a Masters Degree in Criminal Sentencing and Sentencing Advocacy at Arizona State University. This program is designed to ensure that she has the skills needed to be a great mitigation specialist.  Mitigation specialists play an important role in the defense team.  They help the defense team advocate for the client's life by telling the client's story in such a way that a jury will see the client as a human being instead of an evil entity who has committed a horrible crime.  Mrs. Jones is experienced in the following areas of criminal justice: probation; court referral program; work release; pre-trial release; substance abuse treatment programs; mental health conditions; investigations; forensic sciences; and, mitigation.      


Serving Huntsville, Alabama and the surrounding areas.

I provide criminal defense to those in northern Alabama, including Huntsville, Madison, Athens and Decatur.

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