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Criminal Law Mentoring

Purpose of Program. The purpose of the mentoring program is to provide assistance to the new lawyer in the following respects: (1) The mentor should assist the new lawyer in developing an understanding of how law is practiced in a manner consistent with the duties, responsibilities, and expectations that accompany membership in the legal profession. The mentor should provide guidance or introduce the new lawyers to others who can provide guidance as to proper law practice management, including the handling of funds, even if the new lawyer is not currently in a setting that requires the use of those practices. Guidance should be given not only as to a lawyer's ethical duties, but also as to the development of a higher sense of professionalism based upon internalized principles of appropriate behavior consistent with the ideals of the profession. (2) The mentor should assist the new lawyer in developing specific professional skills and habits necessary to gain and maintain competency in the law throughout his or her career and should assist the new lawyer in developing a network of other persons from whom the new lawyer may seek personal or professional advice or counsel when appropriate or necessary throughout the lawyer's career. While a strong mentoring relationship (particularly if the mentor and new lawyer are in the same firm or office) may also include specific advice to or training of a new lawyer regarding substantive aspects of the law, such substantive legal training should not be required of a mentor in this program. (3) The mentor should assist the new lawyer in identifying and developing specific professional skills and habits necessary to create and maintain professional relationships based upon mutual respect between the lawyer and client; the lawyer and other parties and their counsel; the lawyer and the court, including its staff; the lawyer and others working in his or her office, including both lawyers and staff; and the lawyer and the public. The mentor should assist the new lawyer in understanding the appropriate boundaries between advocacy and overzealous or uncivil behavior and in developing appropriate methods of responding to inappropriate behavior by others. (4) The mentor should introduce the new lawyer to others in the lawyer's local or regional legal community and encourage the new lawyer to become an active part of that community.

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